Barefoot Alley - Wrong Guy

Sibling duo Barefoot Alley ready to perform for Birds

THEIR biography is simply: "Brother and sister team Barefoot Alley live to play live."

With Sophie Behan hitting the drums and sibling Hayden Miller on guitar, piano and vocals, this hot team has what it takes for an eye-catching show.

Both attractive and talented, the Brisbane duo is ready to hit Gladstone to perform for Birds of Tokyo on Thursday night.

And the siblings are stoked to be playing with a top band at a top venue.

This week The Observer asks Hayden a few questions:

Q - You're a brother-and-sister team, but how and when did you decide to set yourselves up as a duo?

A - I was already in another two-piece band at the beginning. My drummer left for America for six months and Sophie was sick of me whining about not having any gigs. So she decided to hop on the drums and drum for me. One month later, we had our first show. This was on Australia Day 2012.

Q - Tell us about your younger years growing up - how did music fit into your childhood?

A - We grew up on large acreage in the middle of nowhere. So our parents brainwashed us with loud music such as Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin.

Q - Favourite song of all time and why?

A - Favourite song is an incredibly hard question! We've been staring blank for five minutes.

Q - Best experience as a band?

A - Recording our debut album in 24 hours.

Q - Most embarrassing or challenging experience as a band?

A - Dealing with Sophie on the drums for the first six months sucked.

Q - What is one of the most common comments that you hear people saying about your music?

A - "Hey, you guys remind me of the White Stripes."

Q - Where do you want to be in five years?

A - Touring the world and playing with our favourite bands.

Q - What are you expecting when you support Birds of Tokyo tonight?

A - We are just expecting a great night of music at a great venue.


  • WHAT: Supporting Birds of Tokyo
  • WHEN: Thursday, from 6.30pm
Check out the hot beats of Barefoot Alley when they journey to Gladstone.
Check out the hot beats of Barefoot Alley when they journey to Gladstone. Contributed