LONG HAUL: The NRG Gladstone Power Station shutdown will last from May 24-August 21.
LONG HAUL: The NRG Gladstone Power Station shutdown will last from May 24-August 21. Mike Richards GLA130215NRGP

Shutdown work to power up from next month

THE Gladstone Industry Leadership Group's shutdown calendar has been released with work to start next month.

GILG chief executive officer Patrick Hastings said shutdowns were slightly lower than last year but there could be more confirmed later in the year.

"If issues or otherwise pop up and we need to increase the amount of maintenance that will be reflected but at the moment it's probably a little bit lighter than usual," Mr Hastings said.

"Over the next month we'll start to build on the calendar, including contact details for contractors who are looking for people, as well as the number of people required for the shuts and what skillsets we're looking for.

"We're aiming to have a calendar which has a lot more detail than it has in the past - if people want work they'll know where to go and exactly who to contact."

Mr Hastings said the majority of shutdown workers would come from the region.

"Around 90-95 per cent local. Where we aren't local is because they're very specific skillsets who travel from shut to shut right around the country.

"We aim and target local employment wherever we can."

Companies conducting multiple shutdowns include Gladstone Ports Corporation, Cement Australia and Rio Tinto Yarwun.

Gladstone Power Station will have the longest shutdown, spanning from May-August.

The GILG shutdown calendar can be viewed at www.gilgshutcalendar.com.au.


Gladstone Ports Corporation: March 11, March 18-31, May 13-18, July 22-27, July 29-August 11, August 26-September 1

Cement Australia: March 16-30, June 16-July 3

Orica: March 19-30

Rio Tinto Yarwun: May 19-June 8, July 15-August 30

Gladstone Power Station: May 24-August 21.