‘Shut your mouth, c*@t’: Bikie daughter’s stab charge


The daughter of a bikie sergeant-at-arms told a former friend to shut up or she would stab her again after a vicious daylight attack on a Marsden street.

Jodie Tumeth, 43, plunged a letter opener into her former girlfriend's chest so hard the force caused the victim to fall on the ground, Beenleigh District Court was told.

"You better shut your mouth, c*#t, or I'll stab you again,'' the court was told Tumeth screamed at her victim.

"I'll stab you again bitch, I'm not done with you c*#t.''

Tumeth's barrister, Cecilia Bernardin, told the court her client had had a shocking upbringing and became addicted to heroin aged 14 after her older sister introduced her to the drug.

Her father was a senior bikie and she attended 20 schools as her father, a truckie, moved around so much.


Jodie Tumeth was given immediate parole release after stabbing a former friend in the chest.
Jodie Tumeth was given immediate parole release after stabbing a former friend in the chest.

She had a string of drug-related offences, Ms Bernardin said.

But Tumeth had kicked heroin after her sister died from an overdosed and had tried drug detox courses and was seeing a psychiatrist for bipolar disorder.

The court heard the incident, at Birch St on March 23, after the victim made a "black power'' salute at Tumeth as she drove past.

Tumeth stopped, got out of her car and confronted the victim.

After a short argument the victim punched Tumeth in the head and she drove off, but returned five minutes later with a flick knife, the court was told.

The victim was taken to Princess Alexandra Hospital and released the same day for a 3cm-long stab wound to her chest.

Prosecutor Jean-Paul D'Aleo told the court the blow could have been fatal, but luckily the knife hit the sternum.

He asked for a three-year prison sentence, with actual jail time, pointing out that the stabbing occurred in broad daylight and was premeditated in that Tumeth had driven off before returning to stab her victim.

When Ms Bernardin put to the court that the her client used the knife as a letter opener, Judge Craig Chowdhury interjected, saying: "Most people don't open letters in their cars.''

Ms Bernardin said her client had not worked for 17 years as she was a carer for her partner,who had stage four liver disease, but had previously worked in hospitality including as a barmaid at the Rebels bikie gang clubhouse.

"That would have been an eye opener,'' Mr Chowdhury said.

He took into account Tumeth's terrible upbringing, her attempts to get off drugs and the fact she had only one minor criminal charge, for cannabis possession, in the past decade.

He also took into account that the injury was not serious, but acknowledged it could have been far worse.

"Stabbing in the chest is always dangerous. Luckily it was a tough part of the chest,'' he said.

"You just can't go around settling disputes with knives, it could end in a fatality.''

He imposed a two-year prison sentence for the single charge of unlawful wounding, with immediate parole release, and recorded a conviction, before warning a tearful Tumeth that she faced jail if she offended again.



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