Shoppers at Gladstone are keen to see more variety in stores.
Shoppers at Gladstone are keen to see more variety in stores. Chris Gostevsky

Shoppers want more variety as Gladstone region booms

IT'S the great retail debate: are you satisfied with the current selection of shops in the Gladstone region?

Many locals had an opinion when asked which shops they thought Gladstone needed.

John Jenkins, Aaron Morris and Janel McClow all agreed the city needed more menswear shops, which was one of the more common replies.

"We need more clothing shops by far," Meegan Wattson said.

Among the replies from younger people, BMX, skate shops and ski shops were popular.

"We need more clothing and book shops and a Hogs Breath," Nicky Boyce said.

In addition to some similar shops already available, Karensa Kinston-Lee said the city needed a Spotlight and Target, instead of Target Country.

However, there were some happy shoppers, with Amanda Hindmarsh saying, "The shopping is fine. They should focus more on our legal system."

Also on the pro side for shopping in Gladstone was Kyle Punter who said he liked it the way it was.

With our vastly expanding region, some may argue the variety of overall shopping should rise accordingly.

What shops would you like to see in Gladstone? Have your say below.