ON TARGET: Gladstone Patron member Bill Scarborough has been shooting for 38 years.
ON TARGET: Gladstone Patron member Bill Scarborough has been shooting for 38 years. Matt Taylor GLA120118CLAY

Shooters to aim up at Gladstone meet

SHOOTING: It will be all guns blazing at the Gladstone Clay Target Club tomorrow with the group hosting its first meet of the year.

Shooters from across Central Queensland and as far south as Bundaberg will descend on the South Trees Dr complex for the family friendly event.

"We get quite a few travelling shooters from Biloela, Bundaberg and Rockhampton who come and support us at our monthly club shoots,” club president Ken Busteed said.

"In turn we spread ourselves out and visit those clubs. We all shoot on a different Sunday. Rockhampton are on the first Sunday of the month, Gladstone the second, Biloela the third and Bundaberg the fourth Sunday.

"So at any weekend you can travel around and have a shot at another club.

"We get good support from those travelling shooters and have about 20-25 of our own shooters come up - we could get up to 40 shooters for the day.”

The Gladstone club tries to mix things up when it comes to hosting a shooting event, with four different categories being run from 9am tomorrow.

"We're shooting a double barrel, single barrel, double barrel points and a handicap this weekend, which is common for a Sunday shoot but we do try and vary it a bit,” Busteed said.

"We have double rise where they throw two targets, so we do try and vary it to make it a little bit challenging for shooters so they get a bit of enjoyment.”

Peter Purkis Helping out a youngster at Gladstone Clay Target Club
ON TARGET: Peter Purkis helps youngster Jordan find his aim at Gladstone Clay Target Club. The club will hold its first shooting meet of the year tomorrow. Matt Taylor GLA120118CLAY

Busteed said the club was always on the hunt for new members, especially juniors with a group of children attending the range yesterday as part of the SUNfest youth holiday program.

"Juniors are more than welcome and we subsidise our juniors with nominations and ammunition,” he said.

"We struggle to get new junior shooters so we try and help the parents out the best we can.”


When: Sunday, January 14 from 9am

Where: Gladstone Clay Target Club, South Trees Dr

Event 1 - 25 Targets, Double Barrel Trap, 15 metres.

Event 2 - 25T Single Barrel Trap, 15m.

Event 3 - 25T Handicap Trap.

Event 4 - 15 Pair Double Rise.