Shocking footage shows livestock cruelty in Israel

HORRIFYING footage from inside an Israeli abattoir showing cruelty to livestock has shocked even domestic producers, with the National Farmers Federation condemning the ill-treatment.

ABC news program 7.30 showed video taken inside Israel's largest meatworks which included a calf being dragged by its front leg tied to a forklift.

The footage was supplied by Israeli journalist and vegan activist Ronen Bar.

It remains unclear whether the animals were shipped from Australia, but 7.30 reported the abattoir passed an audit for live animal exports just two months earlier.

This is the third time in 18 months the live export trade has been plagued by allegations of cruelty.

Live cattle exports to Indonesia were suspended in May 2011 after Four Corners showed graphic footage of cruelty in the country's abattoirs.

In November this year, the issue ignited again after it was reported that 20,000 Australian-exported sheep were being inhumanely slaughtered in Pakistan after being intercepted from their intended destination of Bahrain.

National Farmers' Federation released a joint statement with three groups representing exporters at 8pm, immediately after the report aired.

President Jock Laurie said the abattoir had now sacked its manager and other staff shown in the footage to have mistreated animals.

CCTV cameras may now be installed by the meatworks, he said.

Israel's Ministry of Environment and Department of Police may also consider laying charges over the cruelty.

Mr Laurie said the Australian live export industry was determined to improving animal treatment.

"Achieving positive results requires a long-term investment in animal welfare across all markets," he said.

"Importantly, we are also seeing Australia's higher standards leading to better treatment of non-Australian livestock in a number of our export countries.