Gladstone residents talk about the Malaysian Airline flight MH17 crash

Local trust in Malaysia Airlines sinks after MH17 disaster

A FEAR of flying has hit Gladstone residents after yesterday's Malaysian Airlines tragedy in the Ukraine.

"Hearing about the crash has made me worried about flying," Rhiannan Austin said.

"I would consider flying overseas but not with Malaysian Airlines," she said.

"My step dad is going to Malaysia in September on Malaysian Airlines, I'll be telling him to be careful.

"It would be good if he could change flights but that's the only airline he can get there on."

Vaughan Pugh said he heard about it on the Today Show when he woke up in the morning (Friday).

He said he only knows about the Ukraine conflict from what he's heard on the news.

June Ariotti said: "It's devastating; it's absolutely shocking, traumatic."

"I don't personally have any family that were travelling on flights, but it's absolutely awful for the families involved and the medical specialists, the aids workers, who were on board.

"It won't stop me from flying, there's always a risk when you're flying.

"They're rerouting airlines so that's reassuring."

Lisa-Jane Massey said the incident was sad.

"It's sad for all nationalities and for Australians," she said.

"There are too many disasters in a short time, and it makes you want to know where you going to go beforehand just in case something happens.

"It won't stop me from flying, but I want to make sure there are a lot of things in place before I fly."