Jordan Roper with a nice Jack.
Jordan Roper with a nice Jack.

TOP SPOTS: Dags' fishing guide for this week

SCHOOL holidays are now in full swing and many are getting out on the water or else off the bank because the nice conditions we have had for venturing out the front appear to have been and gone.

In the meantime though, fishing in the local sheltered waterways has been very rewarding this week with Jordan Roper landing a nice mangrove jack down at Baffle Creek last weekend on a 4" Zman Swimmerz lure.

Fishing was apparently quite hard as they had to chase them right up into the snags, but this area of Baffle Creek has been so rewarding with solid jack over the years. Nice spot to camp as well and not too far south from Gladstone for a weekend away.

Also this week, Jamie Quinn, who just loves fishing in a stylish shirt by the looks, landed this nice 91cm blue salmon beneath the Boyne Tannum Bridge a couple of days ago.

There was nothing special about his bait as it was just a "dirty old prawn" he tells me, but that's the point; you don't have to be a rocket scientist to catch a fish and sometimes I believe we tend to overthink the situation, unless you are a real gun and want to target a specific species.

Jamie Quinn with his solid Blue Salmon under the Boyne Bridge this week.
Jamie Quinn with his solid Blue Salmon under the Boyne Bridge this week.

For those though who do wish to increase their knowledge and skills Johnny Mitchell now has his Fishing masterclass website now up and running with various online course and also those live sessions where he can do the one-on-one or a group.

Like the novice snow skiers or boarders who strap on the boards or board and think they can do it. Some can, but others take a lesson and propel themselves forward in leaps and bounds. And this is what these Fishing Masterclasses do: propel you into a space where you can read the conditions and understand the environment which you wish to fish in.

Having this wee treasure, Johnny Mitchell, in your neighbourhood is so cool, because at present people are coming from all over the place to tap into his knowledge and skill base.

This weekend we see the tides starting to build as we move into the full moon lunar phase and this means the amount of water running in and out of the creeks, rivers and the harbour will certainly liven things up.

Time to get those crab pots up to the top of the drains and creeks as there are good reports of chocolate muddies right across the region.

Next month we have the first of the Reef Fin Fish closures and you need to write these dates on your calendar, plus tell your friends if they are planning a trip to the reef during these dates; then they might be best to rethink the plan.

October 10 to 14 is the first closure and the second on is November 9 to 13, and from what I understand any second falling on those dates means it is included in the closure.

For more information regarding these closures best to head to and search for Reef Fin Fish closures.

The weather this weekend doesn't look flash for heading out the front as there is a prediction of 20-25 knot breeze and a big swell.

Christmas is rapidly approaching and no doubt the tackle shops will be lining themselves up with specials and promotions.

Plenty of places to go this weekend though from Turkey Beach and 1770 right up through to the top of the Narrows and Seahill.

Good Barra on the move also at Lake Awoonga.

The Dam water is warming up so suss out the likes of Flutter creek or NZ Gully or around those sticks north of the boat ramp.

Hooroo, Dags