Sharks captain bites over talk of deal

SHARKS captain Paul Gallen denied he had any meetings with ASADA in order to cut a deal over alleged anti-doping violations, after reports emerged he did this.

A Sydney publication ran a document it previously obtained on Monday, stating Essendon players being investigated for similar offences may not have to serve bans at all.

In contrast, Cronulla and the NRL were reportedly only offered the "no significant fault" defence that reduces bans to a minimum of six months.

A list of conditions in return for players accepting a six-month suspension reportedly included contracts being honoured for the period of any sanction, Cronulla guaranteeing not to sack players, a percentage of the salary cap increase for 2014 and one-year contract extensions for off-contract players.

In exchange, Sharks players reportedly indicated they may be prepared to waive all future actions against their club, and stick to a gag order about their 2011 supplement program.

Gallen told Sky Sports Radio: "We don't know what we've done. I never went to broker and deal".

Sharks general manager Steve Noyce said his players will cooperate with ASADA's new round of interviews, which will begin on August 1.