A Grey Nurse Shark swims in the water.
A Grey Nurse Shark swims in the water. James Tucker

Shark sighting: Third in a week on Sunshine Coast

BREAKING: A shark was sighted by a surfer off Currimundi this morning adding to a spate of sightings on the Sunshine Coast this week.

Queensland shark sighting website Dorsalwatch's last three sightings Queensland-wide have been from the Sunshine Coast.

The latest was posted by Dave who spotted a two metre "unknown" shark south of Cockatoo Creek, Currimundi at 6.15am, February 13, when paddling out for his morning surf.

"Went to duck dive under my second wave and he popped up about five metres in front of me," Dave wrote.

"I must of scared him as he did a u-turn and headed back out to sea.

"I came in and told some swimmers further down the beach. I paddled out to let some surfers know."

On February 9, a sighting of a "very large" tiger shark was reported off Old Woman Island.

The shark came right through the line-up an "breached where a surfer was sitting as he took off on a wave".

And then on February 5, another sighting was reported about 20 to 25 metres off Shelly Beach.

"Large fin, unsure of species. Slowly travelling towards Kings Beach," was the report on Dorsal's Facebook site.

Nearly 40 sharks were caught in nets on the Sunshine Coast last year. As many as 10 of these were tiger sharks, the shark best known to attack humans after the great white shark.

According to the Department of Fisheries website, there were no great white sharks caught in nets on the Sunshine Coast last year, while there were four on the Gold Coast, one at North Stradbroke Island and one at Rainbow Beach.