KARL Stefanovic has gone head to head with Married At First Sight's most controversial contestant, calling him out for his "sexist" and "offensive" views during a segment on the Today show.

Before the new season of Married even premiered last night, viewers were up in arms over Dean's opinions on male and female roles, which were aired in an early promo for the show.

"It's hard to say without sounding sexist or something, but I like a girl that is a girl and is girlie and knows that I'm the man and that I'm in charge," he declared in the clip.

"Also, I want someone that listens to me and I want to be the alpha male and she needs to respect me as the man. I think that's a traditional role that exists in other countries in the world, and Australia's lost that."

Dean stuck with that theme during his debut in last night's episode, which saw him continually raving about his 'bride' Tracey's physical assets, sparking plenty of backlash on social media.

Tracey. Picture: Channel Nine
Tracey. Picture: Channel Nine

On Tuesday morning, Stefanovic introduced Dean on Nine's breakfast show as "the most controversial, dare I say - the most hated man in Australia".

Karl: "When you first saw Tracey, what did you think?"

Dean: "I thought she was beautiful, I thought she was amazing, and I was very impressed."

Karl: "You had other things to say."

Dean: "Oh, about other parts of her body ..."

Karl: "Which I guess is old-school language, at best, and sexist at worst. And offensive."

Dean: "You think it is?"
Karl: "I think so."

Dean: "What, specifically?"
Karl: "I'm not going to say it on breakfast television."

Speaking to news.com.au afterwards, Dean said the situation "broke his heart".

"I personally don't think anything I said was sexist and it breaks my heart for people to think I'm sexist because that's not who I am at all."

He also provided some background on why he has such strong opinions on gender roles.

"My ex-girlfriend actually told me after she broke up with me that she wished I was more of an alpha-female, that I took more of a leading role," he revealed.

"It broke my heart a bit that she broke up with me so I've been working on being a stronger, more responsible man."

Given the early backlash, it's understandable that Dean's a bit stressed about the rest of the series playing out.

"I'm a little nervous that people are going to judge me ... it's a little nerve-racking, considering what's happened already. It's disappointing and hurts my feelings."

Dean. Picture: Channel Nine
Dean. Picture: Channel Nine