A sex worker claims foreigners are running the industry into the ground.
A sex worker claims foreigners are running the industry into the ground. Jonathan Hayward

Sex worker reveals Rocky's dirty secret putting people at risk

A FRUSTRATED Rockhampton sex worker says she can barely make rent due to an influx of foreign 'colleagues' offering a riskier bang for their buck.

The sex worker - going by the name of Xena - said it was her unwillingness to perform her acts without protection that was ultimately costing her a regular income.

The 57-year-old industry veteran, said every second client would request sexual or oral acts without a condom, because that is what the foreign ones were offering.

She fears that sexually transmitted diseases would run rife throughout the Beef City and beyond if these "ridiculous" demands were not capped.

"These men need to realise that you can't keep having sex without protection and not pick up something," Xena urged.

"We provide a service for them which is why they come to us but the condom is there to protect us both.

"But the foreign workers are running the industry into the ground. They do it for $40. Soon someone will get AIDS and it will spread like fire. People's wives and family will get it too.

"I know working girls who have been in the industry for a long time, if they get an STD, some have to go to hospital to get better."

Xena claims she works in the industry to keep herself alive and has grave concerns at where it is heading.

She says she has her standards and refuses to budge to the needs of clients, no matter what the price.

"I have my set price, it is not over the top, just in the middle but this is getting ridiculous," she said.

"Every second client is asking to not use a condom. It is a joke. Where are their morals?

"I have to do this job because I can't go on the dole, I am all inclusive and do a great service.

"I have clients who come in with bad breath, and I tell them to go to the doctor. They say 'I brush my teeth' and ignore me. So if they have that attitude for their breath, they likely have the same attitude for STDs.

"The men don't realise that it is dangerous to mess around without protection and it will cause problems."