Member for Noosa Sandy Bolton says multi item motions in parliament make a mockery of the system.
Member for Noosa Sandy Bolton says multi item motions in parliament make a mockery of the system.

Sex register used for parliamentary games, MP claims

A Coast MP has questioned the parliamentary system, claiming serious issues, such as the proposal of a child sex offender register, were being used to generate headlines instead of creating real outcomes.

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Noosa independent Sandy Bolton received public criticism recently after she voted against an LNP multi-item motion which included support for a national child sex offender register.

But Ms Bolton said what the public didn't realise was MPs were making broad decisions on the motions which, in this case, combined 14 unrelated items - including the building of dams.

She said those type of motions made a mockery of the system.

"This is a very serious matter and needs to be brought into chamber and debated with input and recommendations from police and advocates, victims and families, as well as our community," she said.

"Relegating such an important issue to a multi-item motion, with one hours allotted time, is totally inappropriate and extremely disrespectful for matters involving the safety of our children and residents."

"They do not provide MPs with what is required to make informed decisions, nor provide them opportunity to vote on individual items."

As far as Ms Bolton was concerned, she welcomed the proposed child sex offender register being put forward as an individual item for serious discussion and action.

"I look forward to seeing this being brought individually which it deserves as a Bill into chamber for debate, and not as a line item in chamber games," she said.

The Noosa MP said the multi-item motions were used by both sides of parliament to 'create headlines, cast aspersions and electioneer, not deliver an outcome'.

"I have said it before and will say it again," Ms Bolton said.

"Our system is flawed, and these multi motions are just one of its failings."