Sex pest’s bizarre claim after hostel assault


A man who sexually assaulted a Brisbane backpacker claimed he "jumped the gun" when he groped her while she slept.

"I jumped the gun, I didn't read the message properly you know," Dennis James Blake told the Brisbane Magistrates Court.

"I just want to let you know that I'm not like a rapist or anything like that. We had something going on, I just jumped the queue."

Blake, who pleaded guilty to sexual assault, committed the indecent act in a Brisbane backpackers on June 20.

According to a police statement of facts read in court Blake walked into a room at the hostel and later grabbed the woman's breast about 3am.

The woman was asleep at the time, the court heard.

Blake's lawyer Eugene O'Sullivan, of O'Sullivans Law Firm, said he'd been instructed there was an interaction between the pair earlier in the night.

"It was a flirty situation during the evening, and he got the messages wrong," he said.

The police prosecutor said she had no evidence of that occurring.

"Whether or not somebody is flirtatious with you many hours before … and at 3am in the morning you sexually assault them," she said.

"It's not rational to assume that just because somebody has smiled at you or is polite to you or is kind to you, or says something to that effect that somehow that behaviour is where it was progressing at 3am in the morning while that person is asleep."

The matter was adjourned tomorrow for sentencing.

Originally published as Sex pest's bizarre claim after hostel assault