Robinson's stalking, anti-social behaviour and supervision breaches concerned a psychiatrist. (File photo)
Robinson's stalking, anti-social behaviour and supervision breaches concerned a psychiatrist. (File photo) Patrik Nygren/Flickr

Sex pest blamed magpie attack after stalking woman

A RAPIST who lied about pestering a woman at her home has been released on supervision, despite repeatedly breaching release conditions.

Gympie sex offender Nigel Patrick Robinson was jailed after he raped a woman at knifepoint in 1997 and indecently assaulted a nine-year-old girl in a schoolyard.

The 38-year-old has now been deemed suitable for release under supervision, after several court hearings discussing his risk to the public.

In November 2016 Robinson contravened a supervision order after calling out "Hello beautiful" to a woman in her front yard.

He returned to the Brisbane house later that day, knocked on her door and rang the doorbell.

Robinson told Corrective Services a magpie attacked him and the woman urged him to take shelter in her front yard.

Robinson claimed he stayed there until the menacing bird was out of sight, but a judge found the magpie story unbelievable.

The rapist has been locked up for breaking supervision orders and re-released five times since 2009.

Last year, psychiatrist Dr Josephine Sundin voiced serious concerns about Robinson.

Her concerns were based on factors including his "high frequency of contraventions" over the previous two years, Justice David Jackson wrote in a newly-published Supreme Court judgment.

Dr Sundin said Robinson had a tendency to lie about sexual contacts he had been making with women in the community.

Justice Jackson said Robinson's main diagnosis was of anti-social personality disorder "with elevated scores for psychopathy" and substance use disorder for marijuana.

But there was no suggestion Robinson relapsed into substance abuse since his initial release in 2009.

Dr Sundin said if Robinson was to be released he should continue having therapy with forensic psychologist Dr Nick Smith.

Psychiatrist Dr Scott Harden also suggested Robinson have ongoing psychological therapy.

Justice Jackson said Robinson must always wear a monitoring device.

He said Robinson had 38 release conditions "much more onerous" than parole conditions.

Corrective Services' high risk offender unit would manage Robinson, who had been staying at Wacol prison precinct's contingency housing. -NewsRegional