Roxy promo video faces criticism for 'sexploitation'

Coast surf brands see no fuss in 'sexploitation' Roxy ad

WHERE'S the line drawn between product advertising and sexploitation?

That's the question being asked after surf wear brand Roxy posted a YouTube ad for the 2013 women's Roxy Pro Biarritz which opens today in France.

Critics have labelled Roxy's official teaser for the event as soft-core porn and more suited to a lingerie ad.

The issue has sparked an online debate and prompted the company to defend the clip.

Peter Hogg from Noosa active surf wear label Hive doesn't understand what the fuss is about.

But he said getting his company's own advertising right to avoid criticism was a constant concern.

"I do all the editing and look for any cheap shots,'' he said.

Mr Hogg said it was very important not to have anything too close up.

"The Roxy ad is a quality shoot,'' he said.

"It's a bit sexy but it doesn't offend. It wouldn't make me want to go on to Fuel TV to watch the Biarritz Pro. It's hard to determine what it is pushing.

"We like to promote fun and activity."

Leading Sunshine Coast surf wear retailer Al Hing of Beachbeat said he didn't see a hell of a lot wrong with it.   "It's done its job to grab attention,'' he said.

"It shows women as professionals going to work. It's done a good job promoting the Roxy Pro. It's a little sexy, but so be it. Maria Sharapova is the highest paid women's tennis player in the world and she's not the best.''

Yesterday, surfing champion Stephanie Gilmore was revealed as the girl in the ad.

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