Dane Mulivai
Dane Mulivai Claudia Baxter

Seven world champs in his way but Mulivai primed for mission

DANE Mulivai has risen to every challenge thrown at him since boxing for Australia at the 2010 Commonwealth Games.

But this is different.

This evening in Melbourne, Mulivai will fight at the A1 World Grand Prix, with a kick boxing world title on the line, against seven other former or current world champions.

He is the only one without a kick boxing world championship to his credit ... but it doesn't faze him.

"I'm fit. I'm ready," the Redbank resident said.

"The drying out process is the tough part. I'm used to it.

"I just hate doing it."

Mulivai had to keep below the 75kg limit for last night's weigh-in.

It meant he has been eating three Weet-Bix for breakfast and nothing else all day.

Needless to say, he's looking forward to post-weigh-in.

"After weigh-in, I can eat what I like," he said.

"KFC is definitely on the menu, just like before every fight."

But this is not like every fight.

The A1 Grand Prix will be shown live on Fox Sports 3 from 7pm and features fighters from Australia, Dubai, Turkey, Afghanistan and Croatia.

It is a knockout competition (no pun intended) and, if he wins his first two fights, Mulivai will get through to the final.

He expects nothing less.

Mulivai claimed a Combat8 world title last month in Newcastle but this is a whole lot bigger.

"For me to win this, it does everything for me," he said.

"I can't explain how I'd be feeling if I won. I'm proud and honoured to be on this show."

The event is being promoted by Tarik Solak, the "Don King" of kick boxing.

"Just to be on the show for me is a win-win," Mulivai said

"I was boxing for ages and had never been on Fox."

First up Mulivai faces former World Kickboxing Federation champion Dragomir Dubocanin.

Mulivai doesn't know what to expect from his opponents, including Dubocanin, other than to be prepared for anything.

"I don't know much about anybody," he said.

The positive is they will know just as little about him.

"I don't really care if they do," Mulivai said. "If I land either hand or foot, it's over."

That is also a two-way street, however, and Mulivai is under no illusions.

"It's exactly the same," he said.

"This is the real deal.

"I expect to be champ on Wednesday night."

His confidence comes from "my self-belief in my ability to adapt to each fighter", Mulivai said.