A 23-year-old man from Warwick is behind bar for his second choking conviction.
A 23-year-old man from Warwick is behind bar for his second choking conviction. zodebala

Serial 'woman basher' chokes teen five days into parole

MINUTES after he punched his 16-year-old girlfriend and choked her to the point that she could hardly breathe, a 23-year-old man left the wounded girl in their ensuite and went to play video games.

That was the fact that left Judge Nicole Kefford speechless when she read out the horrific crimes the young man committed only five days after he was released on parole for choking a different partner.

Sitting in the back of the Warwick District Court, the boy's mother hung her head in her hands.

Moments earlier, the court heard her son plead guilty to domestic violence offences he committed in mid-2018.

The man was convicted of two counts of common assault and one count of choking his teenage girlfriend.

"One reason why acts of strangulation are treated so seriously is that a victim could be dead in a number of seconds," Judge Kefford said.

She recounted the details leading up to the horrific offence to the court on Wednesday.

The young couple had been drinking at his brother's house earlier that night and the man had become jealous after looking at his girlfriend's mobile phone.

When they returned home, the 23-year-old man flew into a rage and punched his teenage girlfriend in the face while holding her head to the ground. He called her a "s---" and "wh---".

When the girl attempted self defence, the man grabbed her by the throat and held her against the window for two minutes, telling her he could kill her "if he wanted to".

The court heard the two had been in a relationship for a year when the assault took place.

Defence barrister David Jones told the court the man's grandmother, who sat behind him in the courthouse, was mortified by what her grandson had done.

He said the young man had been well behaved while he was in police custody following his arrest last year.

Mr Jones said the man had taken part in a peace education program in which he was forced to stand up in a group of male domestic violence offenders and say "I am a woman basher".

Judge Kefford noted the offender, still a young man, had a criminal history dating back to his teenage years and which involved punching a 52-year-old man at a party and sexually assaulting a woman more than 10 years older than him.

She told the court any act of strangulation was "inherently dangerous". "You deserve to be severely punished," Judge Kefford said.

The 23-year-old man told his mother and father he loved them as he was escorted from court to serve a jail sentence of two and a half years, with a fixed parole date of October 13.