Serena Williams and Dustin Martin.
Serena Williams and Dustin Martin.

Serena explains Dustin Martin no-show

THE Australian Open will be a Dusty Martin-free zone.

That's according to his new bestie, Serena Williams, who said it would be too "crazy" for the Richmond star to come to watch her matches.

The pair became friends after meeting in the Maldives last year and have remained in contact.

"It was just by chance. We met in Maldives. He just happened to be there. We just hung out. We had a blast," Williams explained after her easy first-round victory over Russia's Anastasia Potapova.

"We decided he couldn't come to the Australian Open because he would be mobbed way too much.

"So it was, like, If we could hang out, it would be cool. But definitely not in Melbourne Park or here. It would be way too crazy for him."


Dustin Martin on Serena’s Instagram.
Dustin Martin on Serena’s Instagram.

Williams has done her research and said she was aware of how big the Brownlow Medal winner and two-time Norm Smith Medallist was in his hometown.

"Yeah, for sure. That's why we were, like, Not here. He can't do everyday things like that. He's way too recognisable. I think everyone would go nuts if they saw him," Williams said.

"It would be really crazy for him. Yeah. It's cool. He's so good at his job. It's insane. It's so cool to get to know other athletes that are so good at their craft and almost just get to talk to them and see what makes them so good."