Self-isolated wife realises she doesn't need lazy husband

Two weeks into social distancing restrictions and *Becky has already realised that she'd be "better off without her husband".

It all started when, while dealing with the stress of the global pandemic, the American mum began struggling with pneumonia and bronchitis while battling a flare up of her MS and endometriosis.

But if you thought her husband stepped up to help, you'd be sorely mistaken.

"He no longer has to go to work, but of course I'm still doing everything alone," Becky shared on Reddit.

"He obsessively watches conspiracy YouTube videos about COVID-19, plays video games, thinks he has COVID-19 every single day.

"He does nothing with our son aside from yelling at him and putting him in time out."

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Without her husband's help, Becky has been home schooling their son, cleaning their apartment and making all the meals.

She's been waking up early with her son but has been the last one to go to bed with no help to get anything done.

"He constantly yells at me and our son, and refuses to take his antidepressants and other meds so being with him is unbearable," Becky said.

"I wish he would just go back to working.

"I'm thinking that once the courts open back up, I'm just going to file for divorce. I'm done with this goddamn man child."

Reddit commenters quickly jumped on the post to tell Becky just how much they related to her situation.

"Seems like this pandemic has turned most men into useless lumps, I don't get it," one woman said.

"I don't think it's turned them into useless lumps. I think it is revealing them as useless lumps," another added.

"I've been telling my husband for the past week how overwhelmed I am. Nothing changes," a mum added.

"We both are working from home now. I have more job responsibilities at this time than he does so you'd think he would do something productive or educational with them when I'm working."

One mum even shared her own experience - telling Becky that she left her own husband over a similar issue.

"My ex-husband was like this. Give him a timeline. I gave mine a year. Stick to it," she said.

"If nothing changes then be done.

"I told mine I wanted a divorce after that year when he asked me what I wanted for Xmas. We are friends now but definitely glad I moved on.

"I feel bad every time I have to watch his new baby mamma take care of both their kid and ours and he doesn't even lift a finger and just hollers at both girls.

"My new partner is definitely more equipped husband and father material."

But all hope hasn't been lost, with several commenters sharing the fact that their partners have been pulling their weight at home.

"My boyfriend is mature and responsible. It's wild to me that he's a part of the minority? I'm extremely lucky. I try not to take it for granted," one woman said.

"My husband is a goddamn superhero in our eyes. He is the breadwinner and he is an amazing father and pulls his weight in every area of housekeeping," another added.

"He does more of it if you're counting all the outside work he does and maintaining the house."

"My fiancé is great too. They aren't all bad. I still handle most of the baby care but I have been waking up to clean dishes, laundry, house... since he has been home," another said.

"My husband is also mature and responsible and caring and many wonderful things," added another.

"Most of my friends' partners also seem to be decent partners and those who are parents, decent parents, although some definitely have imbalances in a number of ways, many more may appear when they have children."

*Name has been changed.

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