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Selena Gomez to donate Revival proceeds to Lupus research

SELENA Gomez will donate proceeds from her 'Revival' tour to Lupus research.

The 23-year-old singer and actress had to cancel her 'Stars Dance' tour in 2013 in order to undergo chemotherapy treatment for the chronic inflammatory disease and her representatives have told The Hollywood Reporter that the star is planning to donate money from ticket sales to Alliance for Lupus Research.

And Selena revealed she is healthy and happy and extremely excited to get back on the road.

She said: "This show is so centered around me, and I mean that in a way of confidence, of strength. It has a beautiful feel to it, but it is about me, so if I wanted to come in one day and say I want to change [a song in the show] or add this, I can do that. That's the first time I've ever really been able to do that in my life. And I feel, I feel great about it. It's not me making sure I hit all the dance moves.

"There's so much I want to prove to myself for this tour and it's just based on me, it's based on my voice, it's based on what I say to my crowd. That's all I really want."

While Selena can't wait for her fans to see the show, she has promised that there is something for everyone.

She explained: "70 per cent of my audience are the people that I've had with me from the beginning, but I know that a big portion of [the crowd] will be people who've never been to one of my concerts before, so I obviously kept that in mind."