Seeney questions council's motives over LNG protest

DEPUTY Premier Jeff Seeney has questioned Gladstone council's motive for attacking the state's approval of the Arrow LNG project.

The council this week demanded a meeting with the Coordinator-General, Deputy Premier and Minister for Local Government, to tell them the region would suffer from Arrow's LNG plant proposal for Curtis Island.

Local residents get raw deal if Arrow LNG goes ahead

The council said the conditions failed to address the same housing shortage issues that arose last year because of the influx of workers for Gladstone's three other gas projects.

However, the ABC reports Mr Seeney says the coordinator general rejected only one of the council's requests - to have Arrow part fund a new social services hub on Phillip Street - which had little to do with 'social infrastructure'.

"The coordinator general has done a good job of conditioning the project over and above what the council asked for - except for the Philip Street project," he said.

"The council has every right to undertake it but if they want to undertake that project they need to fund it themselves."

Mr Seeney says almost all of the council's suggested conditions were accepted.

"What I think this issue is about is what has become the Mayor's pet project, which is the Philip Street proposal in Gladstone," he said.

However, Gladstone Mayor Gail Sellers said the council had not raised the Phillip Street project funding rejection as a specific concern, and said the council's concerns were broader than just that proposal.

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