‘See ya mum’: Son off to jail again

"TIME has run out for you Mr Nield," an Ipswich Magistrate told 20-year-old convicted thief Kurtis Nield when sentencing him to another jail term for ongoing offending.

Magistrate Virginia Sturgess told Nield he was receiving more jail time when he should be doing something more productive with his young life.

Nield received his latest jail sentence for credit card fraud and joy-riding in a woman's stolen car.

While his mother watched on at Ipswich Magistrates Court, it was likely a deja vu moment for both when Nield was led from the dock saying "See ya mum. Love you mum".

Kurtis Alexander Nield pleaded guilty to fraud,  when he used a credit card in December  that was stolen from a Silkstone woman; receiving tainted property on December 8; and unlawful use of a motor vehicle - a Subaru Impreza.

Police prosecutor, Senior Constable Carl Spargo said the Silkstone woman left her 2016 Subaru unsecured at her home with a key inside when a witness saw a male driver acting suspiciously and called out.

The Subaru was driven away but crashed into a ditch. The car received front end damage.

Snr Cnst Spargo said false number plates had been placed over the car's original plates.

At the time, Nield was on conditional freedom out of jail after serving 324 days of a 2 ½ year District Court sentence for car theft where his co-offender held a knife against the throat of the 72-year-old female owner.

He was also on a suspended jail sentence for property offences last year.

Snr Cnst Spargo said a jail term was necessary because the community needed to be protected from Nield.

Defence lawyer Matthew Fairclough said it was likely the Parole Board would "exercise some caution" before allowing his release again.

Nield was sentenced to six months in jail for the offences (to be served concurrently) added to his existing sentence of nine months.

Nield was given an immediate parole eligibility date, an application process that can take months.