Gladstone's latest "once in a lifetime" event a must see

HOW often can you call something "once in a lifetime"?

Sure, three multi-billion dollar LNG plants being built side-by-side on an island in your harbour isn't going to happen again.

And if you sold your home after the price hiked by 30% in 12 months, that's probably a once-off, too.

Okay, so maybe Gladstone sees more "once in a lifetime" events than most.

But now Boomtown is the latest - and as our latest boom peaks, it might be the last we see in a while.

While it might not be the first to involve hundreds of hi-vis zombies, it's doubtful that any previous has featured quite so many jazz hands.

Three nights remain of the spectacular show, and whether you're a life-long local or just here to cash in, the spectacle offers something for everyone.

Sure, as with any boom, it comes with its downside - long hours rehearsing for the 320 local participants, for instance.

And the appearance of a caravan park in the Marina.

But like every boom, if you don't seize it quick, you miss out.