Queensland Police Union Ian Leavers has slammed the no pursuit policy again. Pictures: Jack Tran
Queensland Police Union Ian Leavers has slammed the no pursuit policy again. Pictures: Jack Tran

Police union says no-pursuit policy is ‘failure’

THE police union has blasted the service's no-pursuit policy as a "dismal failure" after a second group of juvenile Far Northern offenders taunted officers from a stolen car within two days.

Four teenagers inside a Mitsubishi ASX stolen from a Bentley Park residence are understood to have pulled alongside a marked car near Aeroglen early yesterday morning, taunting and swearing at officers before driving away. The car later crashed and rolled at Yarrabah.

It has prompted renewed calls for the no-pursuit policy to be scrapped and allow police to be able to chase stolen vehicles with fearless offenders continuously flouting the law across the region.

Less than 24 hours before juvenile offenders crashed another stolen car, a luxury Lexus sedan, at Earlville because the 15-year-old female driver was shouting and gesturing out the window at a stationary police car. Police had allegedly sighted it travelling at high speed but were unable to give pursuit before the crash.

Queensland Police Union president Ian Leavers said the two incidents showed the no-pursuit policy was a "dismal failure" which should be "consigned to the wastepaper bin".

He said, if police were trusted to carry guns and use them with discretion, the same should apply to pursuits.

"Offenders know police have their hands tied in most circumstances and cannot pursue them so, not only do they not stop, they taunt police as well and these offenders are becoming more emboldened to flee from police at every opportunity," he said.

"Police on the frontline know the police department's 'no pursuits policy' is quite simply bad policy and the only people it aids are the offenders not police."



The most recent Queensland Police figures showed that between March 2016 and April 2017 the number of evading police figures jumped by 29 per cent to 5871 around the state, which equated to almost 113 per week.

The occupants of the Mitsubishi involved in the second incident allegedly mocked police who were at another crime scene in Aeroglen where a stolen car had rammed a police vehicle.

They later crashed the car at Yarrabah with all four youths, aged between 13 and 16, in hospital last night under police guard.

The Cairns Post understands the youngest, a 13-year-old Yarrabah boy, had been granted bail two weeks early on about 40 property offences despite an objection by police.