ON WAY: Funk rockers 28 Days are coming to Gladstone for the El Grande festival on March 21–22.
ON WAY: Funk rockers 28 Days are coming to Gladstone for the El Grande festival on March 21–22. Contributed

28 Days is heading our way for El Grande

DAMIAN Gardiner and his band are in the music game for the love of it.

28 Days are a five-piece, funk rock band who've been producing music together for 18 years.

They are coming to Gladstone from Melbourne for the El Grande festival in March.

Bass guitarist Gardiner reckons they will keep doing gigs for as long as they are getting a kick out of it.

"We have been around forever. When we started our band we did it because it was fun and we all liked the same music," he said.

"Never in our wildest dreams, we never knew we would tour the world. We are blessed to be put in situation where we could keep doing this."

"As long as we are having fun we will keep doing it."

Gardiner said he has been into music since he was six years of age.

"My dad got me a bass guitar when I was six and every band needs a bass player.

"It's just what I do now and I couldn't think of doing anything else," he said.

"We started the band when we were in our mid 20s and we are kind of in our 40s now. We are lifelong best friends now.

"We aren't too fussed about releasing new albums. It's more every time we play; it's catching up and hanging out with mates."

Gardiner said 28 Days still had its solid fan base.

"We have an awesome following, still the same fans. We have some fans who were 15 when we were big.

"They are now bringing their littler brothers along," he said.

"We were the peak number one record in 2000-2002. We were pretty rockin'."

Now, the guys just consider their band a 'paid hobby'.

"We all work full-time. Music is a hobby where we get free accommodation and a bit of money and free food," Gardiner said.

"Playing is amazing and we have awesome fans that always show up. It's nice to get on stage and be appreciated."

Gardiner, singer Jay, guitarist Simon, drummer Dan and DJ Jedi are keen to play at El Grande.

"We come from Melbourne. We like to travel to Queensland, we don't normally play in Melbourne," he said.

"We wouldn't normally play with the type of bands at El Grande. It's a good opportunity to experience other cool Australian bands.

"We have played Gladstone a few times, years and years ago. I want to see the new, upcoming Australian bands.

"We will probably go out."


  • March 21 and 22
  • Grand Hotel Gladstone
  • Tickets: Saturday $60 at the door, Sunday $35 at the door
  • Doors open at 2pm