Missing woman Marion Barter has not been seen in 22 years. Picture: Supplied
Missing woman Marion Barter has not been seen in 22 years. Picture: Supplied

After 22 years, search finally ramps up for missing Marion

SINCE the winter of 1997, Sally Leydon has been left with a million questions and no answers.

Her mother, Marion Barter, was last seen in Surfers Paradise on Sunday, June 22, 1997.

She has not made contact with her daughter since late July or early August of that year, but only this month was she added to the national missing persons list.

Mrs Leydon has beenseeking information about her mother since her disappearance.

The Channel 7 podcast The Lady Vanishes this year has reached almost five million listeners and had brought a renewed focus to the case.

Mrs Leydon says there is a constant stream of people getting in touch with possible information about her mother.

"We have been doing the podcast since April and we have had some wins which are bittersweet," she said.

"The more people who are listening, the more chance we have of finding her."

The biggest win to date is getting her mother onto the national missing persons list.

While Ms Barter briefly appeared on a NSW list before being removed, this is the first real recognition of her disappearance.

"I have been trying to get her on the list forever," Mrs Leydon said.

"What happens when you aren't on that list is that the other states are not conversing with each other.

"The fact she is now on there means the states are now conversing over her which is a really big break through."

Ms Barter worked at The Southport School from 1994-1997, winning a statewide teaching excellence award during that time.

In 1997, she changed her name to Florabella Natalia Marion Remakel and then headed for the United Kingdom. Her passports suggest she returned to Australia on August 2.

"We have created an anonymous tip line - we have had a number people come forward with ideas," Mrs Leydon said.

"If we cannot follow that (idea) up we encourage people to call Crime Stoppers.

"If people can take a photo of the person they think it is and send it to us that would help a lot.

"I want people to known in confidence they can rely on us to keep their identity hidden if that's what they want us to do."

People who believe that they have information can get in contact with Channel 7 through the podcast, get in contact with Mrs Leydon through the Facebook page Missing Person Marion Barter, or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.