Scoring machine Mason Garland revels in Roosters' glory

TRY FACTOR: Calliope player Mason Garland scored five tries against Brothers.
TRY FACTOR: Calliope player Mason Garland scored five tries against Brothers. Brenda Strong GLALEAG

CALLIOPE'S Mason Garland came into this week's clash against Brothers with a sore leg.

It was injured in last weekend's match against the Wallabys and the 20-year-old had struggled with it all week.

Garland made sure that the leg was strapped, but was still unsure just how it would perform under the strain of a full-contact game.

It performed with flying colours.

Not only did Garland last the full game (well all but, he came to the bench with about 52 seconds left in the game), but the speedy winger crossed the stripe five times.

Yes, Garland scored five tries on a day on which he thought he might struggle.

"It was pretty good, I loved playing with all the boys," he said.

Garland has been in Gladstone for five months.

He made his way to the region, like so many others in the community and on the football field, for work.

An apprentice boiler operator, Garland has relished the time he has been allowed to play his beloved sport.

That time has been made even better because he has regularly found himself delivering the final blow at the end of a fine phase of Calliope Roosters play - crossing the line for four.

That's happened so many times he's unsure just how many tries he has scored, knowing only that he got a handful against Brothers.

"Not sure but there have been a lot," he said with a laugh.

And it's likely there will be plenty more for Mason Garland as Calliope marches into the finals.