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SCOOP: Man with 'no money' steals two tubs of ice cream

HOW far would you go for a free scoop of ice cream?

Michael Bernard Luke Delta, 25, pleaded guilty to five criminal charges in Gladstone Magistrates Court yesterday after two tubs of ice cream landed him in a mountain of trouble.

The court was told Delta walked into a BP service station at Clinton at 4.20am on September 11 last year.

Police prosecutor acting Senior Constable Balan Selvadurai said the defendant selected two tubs of ice cream from the shelf before putting them under his jumper.

Unable to get out of the locked front doors, Delta was confronted by employees still in the shop.

Snr Const Selvadurai said the defendant told police he had tried to pay for the ice cream but couldn't because he had no money.

He said the defendant attributed his actions to him going through a rough patch despite trying to sort his life out.

Less than a month later, on October 4, police became suspicious of Delta during the interception of a car he was a passenger in.

Snr Cost Selvadurai said 0.6g of marijuana and a 15cm modified flick knife were found in the search.

Magistrate Melanie Ho told the young father if he wanted to get his life on track he had to do it himself.

"You need to provide for your family ... you don't want them to follow in your footsteps," she said.

Delta was given 100 hours of community service. A conviction was recorded.