BUS CRASH: Memes about Scott Morrison's big blue bus appear to be on the money.
BUS CRASH: Memes about Scott Morrison's big blue bus appear to be on the money. Facebook

ScoMo's Libs make mockery of democracy


THIS is a Federal Government in free-fall.

Make no mistake.

A fair go for those who have a go has become ScoMo's hollow war cry.

But his own party won't even have a go at doing its job and running this country.

Our elected representatives will break from Parliament on December 6 until February 12.

When they get back they are hardly putting the shoulder to the wheel, with only a handful of sitting weeks scheduled before the April 2 Budget and election due mid-May.

Some of the weeks pencilled in will never happen due to the timing of the Budget and ensuing election.

There's a chance MPs will only sit for a single-digit total of days in 2019 before we hit the polls.

Labor says Parliament may only sit for 10 days in the first eight months of 2019.

How blind can a party be?

Are they that insulated from public sentiment. That withdrawn from the realms of reality, that they genuinely believe this is the right course of action?

Strategically, sure, minimise the number of times you can be embarrassed on the floor of Parliament given you've lost your majority.

But that is such a cynical approach to take and once again is taking the voting public for complete fools.

If anyone else took this approach to work they would be sacked.

If, god forbid, workers were striking like this, imagine the torrent of abuse that would be directed at them by the conservatives.

The Liberals have shown once before they are prepared to disregard democracy completely to serve their own ends when they shut down the nation to knife a sitting Prime Minister.

Now they're hell-bent on proving that wasn't a mistake and the party is in fact riddled with idiocy and ego, by doing more of the same.

Meanwhile the party's Deputy Leader and our Treasurer pulls out of a major international summit, skipping the G20 to no doubt tend to the home fires lit at the ballot booths across swathes of Victoria on the weekend.

Our PM was busy this week telling our children to stop thinking for themselves and questioning the system and shut up and listen instead.

Then he tells us the 'war' is going to get personal with Bill Shorten.

This isn't a game.

Those weeks you've cleared up to orchestrate your attacks on an opponent while on our dime could and should be spent negotiating policy and financial measures to improve the lives of the voting public.

This is a Government in free-fall.

This is not Liberal bashing, as some of the blind, party faithful will call it.

This is calling out an absolutely disgraceful abuse of public office and an incredible lack of performance which would end one's reign in just about any other professional field.

The sheer fact that Bill Shorten is poised to walk into our highest office without breaking sweat shows just how toxic the Liberals have become.