TEENAGERS are diving into the marine world thanks to a new science education program.

High school students have begun monitoring the health of Gladstone harbour as part of a program run by Boyne Island Environmental Education Centre.

Students gathered at Gladstone harbour on Wednesday to learn about the science of marine environments.

More than 60 students have commenced the Port Curtis Harbour Watch curriculum program, which will teach them how to measure water quality and marine sediments, BIEEC's David Kopelke said.

"We're going to be working with the students to give them that hands-on, real-world learning which is the major ethos of the centre," he said.

"While students learn a range of things through the classroom, we have that much more practical experience of learning."

It's through programs like HarbourWatch that people become informed and learn about the world in which they live, Mr Kopelke said.

The BIEEC has been operating for 37 years as an extension of the classroom, to work with students to explore and study the world.