SCHOOL'S BACK: Slow down in school zones.
SCHOOL'S BACK: Slow down in school zones.

School zone speed limits are back

SCHOOL resumes today after the Easter break and with that comes a reduced speed limit around school zones.

Speed limits will drop to 40km/h at certain times during the morning and afternoon.

Senior Sergeant Shaune English, officer in charge of the Road Policing Unit at Calliope, said there are two messages police want motorists to be aware of: driving through a school zone and picking children up from school zones.

"For those who are driving through, remember that it is a school zone. We've been allocated additional funding for overtime to ensure we have staff in the school zones, so there will be extra patrols through the school zones,” Snr Sgt English said.

"As well as that, for those who are dropping their children off at school zones, be mindful of the rules around that zone.

"One of the biggest complaints we get out of school zones is parking - people parking against no-standing signs, double parking, kids running out to get to mum or dad... The message goes both ways.

"For those driving through, watch your speeds, and if you're dropping off and picking up make sure you do it properly.”

Speed limits through school zones vary depending on location. The 40km/h speed limit generally applies where the existing limit is 50km/h, 60km/h or 70km/h.