Schapelle Corby's parole book to be auctioned for charity

SCHAPELLE Corby has donated her parole booklet to a child-rescue charity run by Adam Whittington, the man who ended up in a Lebanese prison with a 60 Minutes crew after failing to rescue two Australian children.

Mr Whittington launched the Australian arm of Project Rescue Children on the Gold Coast last night, which aims to go undercover online and on streets across the world to expose paedophiles.

He said Ms Corby, who remains in hiding after returning to Australia last week, became aware of Mr Whittington's project through John McLeod, the private security arrangement who arranged for her secretive exit from Brisbane airport last Sunday.

Mr McLeod is a director of Project Rescue Children.

"When she left Bali, she had a set of clothes and this book," Mr McLeod told News Corp.

Schapelle Corby’s parole book. Picture: Supplied Source:News Corp Australia
Schapelle Corby’s parole book. Picture: Supplied Source:News Corp Australia

Mr McLeod declined to talk about the operation. "It's over for me, but it's not over yet," he said.

Mr Whittington said Ms Corby was unable to attend the launch but he was grateful for the donation of the parole book, which appears to contain handwritten entries of her entire parole history.

"We'll be auctioning it online over a week," he said. "A big thanks to Schapelle."

The child-rescue project's motto is "We hunt those who hunt children" and is separate to Mr Whittington's abduction agency.

He says they are working with police in Cambodia to battle the child-sex trade, where the 35 per cent of prostitutes are under the age of 16.

He said in Australia, the group was posing online as children and were currently having conversations with 12 active paedophiles from the Gold Coast. He said the plan was to pass the information to police.