Corby shared the news with her followers on Wednesday
Corby shared the news with her followers on Wednesday

Schapelle Corby reveals health scare

SCHAPELLE Corby has discovered a seven centimetre growth in her throat and revealed plans to "cut out" the lump.

In a video shared to her Instagram on Wednesday, the 41-year-old detailed how she had made the alarming discovery after letting the lump previously go unchecked while in jail.

"Before my Bali life, so when I was about 23 or so, I found a lump in my throat," Corby said.


"I used to get biopsies on it every six months but obviously while in prison ...and on probation in Bali, I didn't get it attended to and it was always a little worry in the back of my mind about my throat, I could feel it getting bigger."


"When I first found the lump, it was measured at 1.3cm and now it's 7cm in diameter. It's time to go, it's just going to keep growing, it's time to get cut out."

Corby's latest health scare comes after she was hospitalised for surgery on her knee twice in June and October last year.

Since returning to Australia, the convicted drug smuggler has built a cult following on social media with more than 180,000 followers.