Join the organ donor register

DONATING organs is not as simple as signing a form.

This week, as part of Australian Organ Donor Awareness week, people are being urged to become donors by registering with the Australian Organ Donor Register, as well as informing their family of their decision.

DonateLife Queensland spokeswoman Kate Stodart said it was essential to the donation process to discuss the decision with next of kin.

In Queensland, residents can no longer register to be organ donors on their driver’s license, but can through the Australian Organ Donor Register.

Australia’s current national family consent rate for organ donation to proceed is just 56%.

Over 1700 Australians are currently on the waiting list and 50 are children.

In 2009, 161 Queenslanders received life-saving organ transplants.

As of January 2010, more than 1.3 million Australians were registered.

For more information about the Australian Organ Donor Register, or to register your decision go to

Organ donation statistics

- Every donor has the potential to improve the lives of 10 people.

- Australians have been receiving life-giving organ transplants as well as tissue transplants since 1965.

- To date more than 35,000 men, women and children have received life-saving or life-enhancing transplants.

- Australia boasts one of the highest transplantation success rates in the world. Kidney transplant survival rates are about 90 per cent in the first year and over 75 per cent in five years.