Savage response to US election chaos


Nevada wasn't initially seen as a battleground state by Donald Trump or Joe Biden, but it's quickly shaping up to be.
The desert state, which has six electoral college votes to give to either Mr Trump or Mr Biden, has less than 200,000 ballots to count.

And with Mr Biden needing just six more electoral college votes to win the presidency, the world's eyes have turned on Nevada.

But Nevada is taking their sweet time counting the remaining ballots - and the internet is more than happy to try and speed them up with some ruthless trolling.










Nevada's Attorney-General Aaron Ford defended the state's slow count earlier today, and declined to give a time frame of when they might complete counting.

Mr Biden is currently leading by 11,438 votes with 49.43 per cent of the vote compared to Mr Trump's 48.50 per cent.

Mr Ford has not given an exact time frame but told reporters Nevada would be finished by November 12, the mandatory requirement for all states to finish their count.

"It's going to take some time - it's taken longer than normal because this year every active registered voter in our state received a mail-in ballot - most voters chose to use that mail-in ballot," he told America's ABC.

"And so processing them is going to take time because our elections officials must ensure that no person has more than one vote."

Nevada's entire Election Day vote has been counted and the late mail-in and provisional ballots are leaning Democratic.

The state has around 11 per cent of its vote to count.

Much of the delay has resulted from a flood of mail-in ballots due to the coronavirus pandemic - and those votes have tended to favour Democrats.






Originally published as Savage response to US election chaos