Santos GLNG’s 4.3km tunnel set to break ground soon

SANTOS GLNG's 4.3km tunnel beneath the Narrows is set to break ground on the other side at Curtis Island on or around February 9.

The GLNG joint venture has been drilling under the Narrows since April last year, with Santos boring a 3.4m diameter tunnel to house pipeline taking gas from its coal seam gas fields in the Surat and Bowen basins to the island for processing and liquefaction.

The tunnel boring is being done by subcontractor Thiess, and once the tunnel has reached Curtis Island it will be flooded with saltwater and sealed.

The pipeline will then be pulled through the tunnel with the pipeline to be connected some time in April or May.

The saltwater will not be flooded out of the tunnel once the pipeline is threaded through, as it creates the perfect pressure to keep the pipeline stable and in place.