When you realise you left the oven on.
When you realise you left the oven on.

Fev: ‘I’m going to get the sack’

SAY what you want about Sam Newman, but the man can put on a show.

The 72-year-old former footy player has never been shy of the camera in his 23-year career on The AFL Footy Show, often finding himself on the wrong side of controversy with his polarising opinions and live-TV sprays.

He's even expressed an interest in running for office as Melbourne's lord mayor.

But as comfortable as the famed host is in the spotlight, he wasn't able to hide his embarrassment when Brendan Fevola dug up a relic from his past.

The former Blues and Lions forward left Newman in a sticky situation on Thursday night's edition of The Footy Show after letting the audience in on a secret.

In a segment involving Married at First Sight stars sitting in the front row, Newman - who has been married three times - was asked by a fan what he thought of having a crack at the reality TV show himself.

"I don't know if I would be, I've had a few goes at being married but it hasn't been at first sight. Maybe that's the panacea to everything, just have a crack at it first up without having seen anyone," Newman said.

And that was all Fevola needed to unleash a fun fact about the former Geelong ruckman.

"Do you want to tell the story about your first wife?" Fevola said.

When you realise you left the oven on.
When you realise you left the oven on.

Newman, obviously taken aback by the curveball, shook his pen at Fevolva before replying.

"I told someone that in confidence," he said. "I'm not telling you the story."

Without hesitation, Fevola piped up.

"Well, I'll tell the story!" he said to the roaring crowd as Newman leered. "Back in 1932 he went to an engagement party ..."

Host Eddie McGuire jumped in as Newman rose from his seat: "You're not going to tell this are you? You shouldn't."

Fevola continued as the crowd egged him on: "(Sam Newman) picked up the bride to be and married her."

Fevola, who was barred from The Footy Show after his infamously drunken night at the 2009 Brownlow Medal, jokingly accepted he was going to "get the sack" again after sharing the story.

Sam Newman was out of there.
Sam Newman was out of there.