Adam Hendrix is excited about the Sydney Hotshots coming to Gladstone in June. Photo Contributed
Adam Hendrix is excited about the Sydney Hotshots coming to Gladstone in June. Photo Contributed Photo Contributed

Magic Mike, Mr Grey and a sailor strut in to Gladstone

THE Sydney Hotshot guys are more than just a pretty face and a chiselled body.

The male entertainment show is hitting up Gladstone on the weekend.

Throughout the night the show sizzles with excitement with an appearance by Mr Grey from Fifty Shades of Grey and a new Magic Mike routine.

Pulse got a glimpse of what some of the characters were really like. We chatted with artist-turned stripper Adam "Axe" Hendrix last week.

He chats about girls, travel and the process of making your mark on the dance industry.

Pulse: Tell us about yourself?

Adam: I am 26. In the show, my main solo is a sailor officer and a top gun pilot. I'm based in Sydney and we tour nine months of the year on the road.

Pulse: How long have you been in the Hotshots?

Adam: Nine months or maybe longer. I've been dancing in the industry for two years. I used to work in a co-ed strip club in Toowoomba.

Pulse: What did you do before this?

Adam: I've done a lot of other things before this. I used to work in hospitality as a waiter and also as a builder on sites. Then I decided to do a degree of bachelor of fine artists. I modelled at the art school and from that I went into dancing. I was getting a little bored of just standing there for the art so I learnt how to dance. It's a kind of a funny past but that's how life works.

Pulse: What's it like being in the Hotshots?

Adam: It's a really fun show, I get to travel all around the country and meet lots of girls. It's a lot of hard work but. We are on the home stretch now, being on road for two and a half months. We toured WA, all of NT, far north Queensland, Mt Isa and all that. They are pretty interesting places.

Pulse: What do you like to do in your spare time?

Adam: I like to eat and work out at the gym. I like to sleep, Mexican food and travelling. I love making art and drawing and painting. I draw landscapes and portraits as well.

Pulse: What's your ultimate career goal?

Adam: To go overseas. There's a lot of work in Vegas or Canada. Apparently girls make a lot of money in Japan but I don't know if guys do.


Sydney Hotshots "My Love Tour"

  • Grand Hotel, upstairs
  • Saturday
  • 7pm
  • Tickets $28
  • Call 49722422 for tickets