Upgrades on rest areas along the stretch are now complete.
Upgrades on rest areas along the stretch are now complete.

Safety upgrades for deadly stretch of CQ highway

A STRETCH of the Bruce Highway notorious for crashes is now safer for motorists with a host of rest area improvements made.

Drivers can now take a break at one of six rest areas along the highway between Miriam Vale and Rockhampton.

Transport and Main Roads Central Queensland regional director Dave Grosse said the rest areas upgraded included Colosseum Creek Heavy Vehicle Rest Area, House Creek Rest Area, north of Rodds Bay Rest Area, south of Rodds Bay Heavy Vehicle Rest Area, Calliope Heritage Village Rest Area and Bills Road Heavy Vehicle Rest Area.

"Works included improved access, parking, installation of shade structures, seating and public toilet facilities so motorists can stop, rest and revive before continuing their trip," Mr Grosse said.

"As we are all aware, fatigue is one of the fatal five and considered a major contributor to road crashes across the country.

"All drivers are vulnerable to fatigue, which is why it is important to support safety outcomes on our roads by providing the best possible facilities at locations where they can stop and rest.

"The improved facilities are now available for use and will help motorists better manage fatigue. It is great to know they are in place to support driver safety."

Mr Grosse said the works had been funded by the Australian Government.

"The Bruce Highway Upgrade Program is improving the safety, flood resilience and capacity of one of the state's busiest highways."