Health Minister Lawrence Springborg.
Health Minister Lawrence Springborg. Greg Miller

Sacked Health staff to be slugged

HEALTH Minister Lawrence Springborg has confirmed that sacked Queensland Health workers will be made to repay any monies owed before they leave.

The Member for Southern Downs was in the Garden City today as guest speaker at the Toowoomba Chamber of Commerce and Industry monthly business breakfast meeting at Picnic Point.

More than half of Queensland's 85,000 health workers have been overpaid since the bungled payroll system went live in 2010.

It is understood that hundreds of the 2754 health workers set for the axe could have their redundancies eaten away by overpayment deductions.

"Well I think anyone expects that if there is an overpayment before anyone departs from any employment workplace around Queensland or Australia the amount which is actually owed in overpayment should actually come out of anything that is owed to the employee," he said.

"I think that is pretty unremarkable."

In towing party rhetoric, Mr Springborg said that the LNP government continued to be lumped with woes inherited by the previous government.

"The problem we have is the previous Labor government, who were the architects of this $1.25 billion payroll debacle, placed a moratorium on the recovery of payments," Mr Springborg said.

"People who actually left, resigned or retired walked out with in some cases thousands all of which were never recovered.

"All we are saying is part of the redundancy package, if people accept their redundancy package, then any amount which they owe the department should actually come out of that.

"I do not think that is an unreasonable thing."

Mr Springborg said workers who disputed alleged overpayments would be given a case manager and the chance to work through available evidence before anything was finalised.