Ryan Serhant stars in Million Dollar Listing New York and is filming a new series, Sell It Like Serhant.
Ryan Serhant stars in Million Dollar Listing New York and is filming a new series, Sell It Like Serhant. Foxtel

Ryan's rags to riches story

RYAN Serhant was broke. He'd moved to New York to pursue his acting dream but it had left him penniless.

"It was wait tables, bar tend, find some sort of temp job or go home to Colorado where my parents were living at the time,” he said.

But then a friend suggested he try his hand at real estate, and Serhant said it wasn't long before he was addicted.

Now he is one of the most successful in the industry and has agents under his leadership in New York City, LosAngeles, Miami and the Hamptons.

His team at Nest Seekers International was ranked the number one sales team in New York in 2015, and the number five sales team in the US in 2016 by the Wall Street Journal.

Serhant, who once starred in a US soap opera, is also back on TV screens in Foxtel's Million Dollar Listing New York, and said the lessons he learnt through acting were still important to him in the business world.

"I take a lot of information from what I learnt as an actor,” he said.

"I did theatre and a lot of improv and I think every single salesperson should take an improv class because you learn how to breathe, you learn how to talk, you learn how to listen to other people.”

Serhant, who was in Australia for a real estate conference last week, will share more of his insights into how to be successful in sales on his new show, Sell It Like Serhant, airing next year.

"We're filming it right now. It's not like Million Dollar Listing at all,” he said.

"It's me going into a different job every episode where I'm working with a salesperson who's about to lose their job and I'm helping them sell more and sell better and I'm running them through a sales boot camp.

"It's very fish out of water for me. If you can imagine me in a bathing suit trying to sell hot tubs, or me in overalls trying to cut down trees to try and sell kitchen cabinets, it's a lot of stuff like that.”

He said the principles of selling could also be applied to other areas in life such as getting a date, or pitching an idea to your boss.

And his number one tip?

"Just breathe.”