Rusty’s receives overhaul now it is a Choice Hotel

RUSTY'S on Goondoon St will experience a new lease on life, with Choice Hotels Australasia formally securing the motel.

The acquisition will result in the rebranding of the motel as Econo Lodge Rusty's and a refurbishment of the restaurant into upmarket Thai dining.

The new key point of difference attracting travellers and those in Gladstone for business to the motel will be a broad rewards programs as part of the Choice Hotel brand.

Co-owner Mark Barton said creating a one-stop procedure for accessing services, including bookings, redemption offers and rewards, was an exciting development for Gladstone, Rusty's and guests alike.

"Guests will be able to book with the click of a button," he said.

"We are streamlining the whole process and we are excited about the changes that are underway."

The announcement that a new Thai restaurant would be open to the public in approximately four weeks will also breathe new life into the southern Goondoon St stretch.

"It's not your run of the mill Thai restaurant," said Mr Barton.

"There will be an emphasis upon upmarket dining and a cocktail bar."

This year has proven one of immense change for the iconic Gladstone motel, with signage and booking systems to be overhauled in coming weeks.