DANCE BEAUTY: The Moscow Ballet’s La Classique will bring Sleeping Beauty to the stage on April 13.
DANCE BEAUTY: The Moscow Ballet’s La Classique will bring Sleeping Beauty to the stage on April 13. Nadya Pyastolova

Russian ballet brings Sleeping Beauty to life

THE Moscow Ballet's La Classique cast is one big happy family.

Moscow Ballet's La Classique will bring Sleeping Beauty to the Gladstone Entertainment Convention Centre on April 13, to the delight of ballet lovers.

Sleeping Beauty is one of the world's best loved ballets and often lavish in its production.

It is a combination of a fairytale with beautiful dancing and lavish staging.


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Pulse caught up with artistic director Elik Melikov with help from a translator.

"We have 50 people in the group including dancers, technical and admin staff and choreographers," he said.

Mr Melikov himself has been the director of the ballet for 25 years.

He compared his job to being the head member of a family.

"The company is my big family and it takes all my energy," Mr Melikov said.

"I would like to be a conductor of this family."

It would be La Classique's first visit to Gladstone, and Mr Melikov said he hoped ballet fans would appreciate the effort that had gone into it.

"In 2013 it was a previous tour to Australia; it was the Nutcracker," he said.

"This time with Sleeping Beauty we hope the ballet lovers are waiting for us and come to see our production."

Composed in two acts, Sleeping Beauty starts with the christening of Princess Aurora.

The king forgets to invite the bad fairy Carabosse, who bursts into the castle at the conclusion of the ceremony.

Carabosse curses the princess, stating that she would die from the prick of a knitting needle on her 16th birthday.

The king orders that all knitting needles in the kingdom should be destroyed and that anyone found in possession of one will be executed.

Sixteen years later, Aurora dances with each of the four princes who have come to ask for her hand.

Carabosse, disguised as an old woman, appears in the hall and presents the princess with a bouquet of flowers.

But concealed in the flowers is a knitting needle and Aurora pricks her finger and falls into a deep sleep.

The second act is set 100 years later when Prince Deserea and his party are hunting for birds in the forest when he encounters the Lilac Fairy.

The Lilac Fairy makes the prince go to sleep where he dances and falls in love with Princess Aurora.

But Carabosse bursts into the dream, steals the princess and takes her to her castle.

When the prince awakes, he sees the outline of the castle and drawing his sword he charges into the castle where he finds his beloved Aurora.

He kisses her gently and the princess awakens, having slept 100 years.

Carabosse is defeated and the court wakes and celebrates the wedding of the prince and princess.

Mr Melikov said it would be a show for all ages.

"The children will enjoy the heroes of the fairytale such as the wolf and blue bird," he said.

"There is a happy ending."

Tickets to the show are $85 for adults, $65 for children.

An Easter special deal is available until April 7, with $20 off the ticket price.

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