Horror fight at Dominos. Picture: 7 News/Twitter
Horror fight at Dominos. Picture: 7 News/Twitter

Domino’s staff caught in horror brawl

WORKERS at a Domino's in Bondi Junction were forced to intervene when a massive brawl between customers broke out in the store over the weekend.

Footage obtained by Seven News shows terrified staff attempting to break up a fight after customers started punching each other on Saturday night.

People were seen fleeing the store as a group of men started punching and kicking customers to the ground.

In the video the men can be heard shouting from inside the store before one throws a punch and knocks his victim to the ground, sparking an all out brawl between customers.

Workers were forced to rush in and break up the fight.

By the time police arrived at the scene a short time later all of the people involved had reportedly fled.