Runway concerns grow as airport’s traffic volume increases

GLADSTONE airport increased its passenger numbers by about 150% since 2008-09.

While traffic volume remains high, the Gladstone Airport Corporation reports that construction traffic is peaking.

Meanwhile, the community is venting at the airport corporation, the Gladstone Regional Council and the Civil Aviation Safety Authority over runway requirements.

GAC chief Phillip Cash said the commissioning phase of the LNG and Wiggins Island Coal Export Terminal projects meant changes in the nature and volume of passenger traffic.

"Gladstone is no stranger to project-related activity surges and the inevitable contractions that follow," he said.

"The current project activity has yielded the largest growth surge in Gladstone's history and certainly the largest FIFO-driven traffic increase in the airport's history."

But with the GAC and CASA skirting around questions surrounding the width and length of the runway, community members are sick of not knowing what ratepayers' money is being spent on.

Some residents have vented on social media, saying that "the silence was deafening" and "the council was keeping very quiet" on the issue, with others asking "have we as ratepayers just spent $75 million on a new runway that's not wide enough?"