Rugby league coup with Capras to play at Miriam Vale

A TEAM of residents has been able to secure the biggest rugby league event in Miriam Vale's history.

The Gary Larson Oval Enhancement Group will host the Central Queensland Capras Round 2 match against the South Logan Magpies next month.

The group has also secured all three of the Round 1 matches in the Northern Districts League, including the blockbuster match between arch-rivals Miriam Vale Magpies and Agnes Water Marlins.

Chairman Owen Harms said it was the biggest sporting event in Miriam Vale in his lifetime.

"It's a culmination of my dreams to bring rugby league to the bush and my beloved Magpies," he said.

"We built our ground from bare grass and this is a huge buzz and reward for our hard work."

Mr Harms said the group of Sue Thorne, Rebecca Hancock, Beau Hancock, Jason Mikkelson and a lot of in-kind support from the community had made the event possible.

He's confident the club now has the facilities it needs to handle such a big event, with a professional clubhouse, grandstand seating and floodlighting.

"It took a decade of work to get here, but now we are going to have NRL players and some of the best up-and-coming players in the bush," he said.

"It is great exposure to our youth to see this standard of sport and give them an incentive to follow their dreams."

Gladstone Rugby League president Peter White said it was great to see the Capras support grassroots rugby league.

"Twelve months ago we played a trial game down (in Miriam Vale). Unfortunately the weather wasn't kind to us (but) we still had a strong crowd," he said.

"They are mad rugby league supporters down there and it's going to be good for the whole region."

The Shop owner Sue Thorne said the locals would fully support the event.

"My husband, my father-in-law, the whole town lives and breathes rugby league," she said.

"Anything that gets people in this town excited and highlights this town works out well for Miriam Vale."