Rugby club calls community meeting over water allocation

DO you think your sporting club could use with a bigger water allocation from the council?

Andrew Lockwood, president of the Wallabys Rugby League Club, does and has organised a meeting at the junior rugby league building Harvey Rd, 6.30pm on Wednesday to talk about it.

Sporting clubs are entitled to 4000 kilolitres - $395,086 worth - of water each year, but Mr Lockwood said it's not enough and the Wallabys' fields are near death.

"The field is dying," Mr Lockwood said. 

"You can feel it crunching under your feet.

"We are just trying to keep it alive until wet season. All these fields are for public use and we worked out our allocation is the equivalent of half an hour a week on each sprinkler."

The council has already rejected one request for a financial concession from the Wallabys earlier this year when the club was charged $4336.20 for nine sewer connections. 

Mr Lockwood also said that after talking to others, some sporting clubs seem to be getting more water than others.

He has asked interested representatives from sporting clubs to come along to the meeting to discuss negotiating a better deal on water for all clubs.

Bring your rates notices to compare.