POLL BOOST: Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has lifted the hopes of Labor MPs.
POLL BOOST: Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has lifted the hopes of Labor MPs.

Rudd tipped to visit next week as ALP odds improve

IN A bid to improve his chances in this year's federal election, Labor candidate for Flynn Chris Trevor has asked the Prime Minister to stop into Gladstone after he visits Rockhampton next week.

Kevin Rudd is so far the only minister confirmed to attend Rockhampton's Community Cabinet meeting on July 16, and Mr Trevor said he was confident Gladstone wouldn't be left out during his central Queensland visit.

"Seeing he will be in the neighborhood on Tuesday, I've asked him to come to Gladstone as the Prime Minister and my good friend to help reclaim the seat of Flynn," Mr Trevor said.

Since Rudd's return, Ben Hawes from Sportsbet.com hasn't seen a single wager for the Coalition in Flynn.

"Every bet and every dollar wagered has been on Labor," he said.

Odds for Labor in Flynn are currently down to $2.90 from $8 and the Coalition has eased out to $1.38 from $1.05.

"Overall, the betting is seeing a trend towards Rudd and Labor, particularly in Queensland, but the Coalition still look set to win at the moment," Mr Hawes said.

Mr Hawes said he had seen bets of more than $10,000 in some electorates, but the top bet so far in Flynn was only $150.

Mr Trevor said he expected his odds to improve if Mr Rudd visited Gladstone.

"I hope after next week's visit we can get those odds even shorter," he said.

Current Member for Flynn Ken O'Dowd said he would be a fool to think the battle wasn't getting closer.

But he wasn't convinced a visit from the Prime Minister would make a difference to voters.

"It depends on the generation gap. He seems to target younger people," he said. "We will just have to wait and see."

Mr O'Dowd said he would be surprised if Mr Rudd didn't stop into Gladstone next week.

"I've heard it is his intention to visit every electorate."