Combined Rotary Club CCRDFV Awareness, Best In Business – Events Award Winner.
Combined Rotary Club CCRDFV Awareness, Best In Business – Events Award Winner.

Rotary Club initiative helps silent sufferers

AN EVENT that was discreet in its mission won the award for best event in the region.

The Combined Rotary Coordinated Community Response to Domestic and Family Violence (CCRDFV) won the 2019 Best in Business award for Events on Saturday night.

Marilyn Rayment, Calliope Rotary Club past president, said it was important that the event’s message be shared.

“We were so excited to win it because it’s so important to help people, and get the word across that abuse is not okay,” Mrs Rayment said.

It took several months to plan, but the Combined Rotary CCRDFV had great success with more than 1500 people arriving on the day.

Held on August 25 at the Tondoon Gardens, the CCRDFV combined a market day with a family fun day, which allowed the initiative to be discreet.

Special guest speakers Rebecce Poulson and Kelly Humphries also spoke during the event.

Resource bags with information was handed out to every person when they were leaving the event.

“Perpetrators and people in need were able to get ­pamphlets in a way that was quietly done,” Mrs Rayment said.

Domestic and Family co-ordinator Capricornia Police District and CCRDFV chairperson Sergeant Vicki Dredge said it was important to work together when combating domestic and family violence.

“Sometimes it’s not safe for somebody to ask for information,” Sgt Dredge said.

“Domestic and Family Violence is a social issue. It’s not just up to the police, or the ambulance, or the schools to sort it.

“It is up to the community to address it,” she said.